I don't know about you, but whenever I am introduced to something or I discover something, my first question is... "Who is this and what do they do?"

My name is Hope Moquin and I believe in celebrating people. And you know what? I believe in women. 

For years, I shouted from the rooftops that I would never, and I mean never be in women's ministry. My passion was for young adults. Addicts. The homeless. You know, the people that seem too far gone that no one else seems to invest in. Those were my people. Not women.

Especially after what I had seen in women. My mother wasn't present in my life  so I never had a real godly example to look at. I saw how other mothers acted, how women leaders acted, how these "Christian" girls acted... It left me shaking my head and saying, "Nope. Not my thing".

But after years of seeing what was lacking in women, the Lord grabbed my attention. I felt Him say something to my heart that birthed this entire program. "Instead of continuing to gossip and dismiss what is going on, why don't you do something about it?

Needless to say, here I am. Strong-willed. Passionate. And committed. 


I have been writing and blogging for a little over six years now. Just published my first book in November of 2019. I wrote a book because I wanted to push the line of what is too honest and put something out in the world that could really relate to the human soul. I believe it is written in a way that can impact the heart of anybody who reads it. Man, woman, young adult, elderly. Everyone. Because we are all human. 

I am one of the Directors at Free Chapel College in Gainesville, Georgia. I oversee Student Life here and my job is to know the students and to love them well. It has been the greatest honor working here under the leadership of Pastor Jentezen Franklin.

I preach and I teach on occasion when my schedule is open. I always give my best to keeping my priorities in order and making sure that saying yes to something won't make me neglect what I have now.

Overall, I love people. I really do. I am passionate about spreading truth and making sure every person I come in contact with knows that someone is cheering them on. I believe in people. I believe in women. And I believe that the Lord is only good.



I'd love to meet you. In the near future, I'll be offering a resource page for personal development. So stay tuned!